Student mentors are trained to provide engagement, transition and academic support to students. Working within the learning hubs on campus, a student mentor is your first to contact to provide general academic and referencing guidance.

Being a student at MCAST IICT can sometimes feel stressful. Student Support Services is here to help you manage your time, and guide you to achieve your goals. We are a friendly and easily accessible hub of support for IICT students. Whether you are struggling with your studies because of something going on in your life, you feel too ill to take an assignment, you are considering of resigning from the Institute, or you just don’t know who to talk to, we can help. Feel free to contact us, whenever you like.

Why do students need mentors?

Mentors serve as partners for students on their academic journey as they help to empower students to become autonomous learners and agents of their own life while gaining also independency skills. Mentors are also important as they express understanding of student’s aspirations and fears while they support their success.

What is the importance of mentoring?

Mentoring is important not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn, but also because it provides professional socialization skills and personal support to facilitate success in both within MCAST as well as beyond the school environment. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students’ chances for success. 

Benefits of mentoring

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from experiences of others
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction

Mentoring Support Services at MCAST

The Support Services at the Institute of Information and Communication Technology provides support for career choices, life coaching, counselling and childcare. We help our students prepare for work when they graduate and provide:

  1. Internship opportunities
  2. Strategic alliances with local employers
  3. Help and support to guide students find their ideal workplace after graduation

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