The provision of summer work opportunities for stipend eligible University students and MCAST degree level 5 and Level 6 students, including final year students, is this year being facilitated by the Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board, Ministry for Education and Employment in collaboration with the Employment and Training Corporation.

This scheme does not apply for Faculty of Health Sciences students following a compulsory placement during the Summer period as part of their course of studies.

Students interested to apply, should submit the online application and attach the requested documentation.  Failure to submit the requested information properly including the requested documents may disqualify students from the scheme.

Students should indicate their preference between 11th July till 5th August or 17th August till 14th September. The number of working hours per week, working time modalities, and recruitment procedures may vary according to the employers.

It should be noted that:

1. Students are to ensure that once assigned with an employer, their employment is registered with ETC via the Engagement Form as per Legal Notice 110/1993. The ETC termination form must be submitted at the end of the summer work. Failure to do so may result in incorrect data being shown on ETC Documentation. 

2. This scheme consists of 20 working days at 4 hours daily.  Employers / Line Managers who wish to apply for any variations to the terms established in the DOPR 86/2016 circular must do so in writing to the Board at the email address shown at the bottom of this page.           

3. Students who have their workphase extended upon request from the employer and after approval of the SMGB need to have another ETC Engagement and Termination Form filled in to cover the additional period of workphase.        

4. Students may indicate their preference of employment with a recognised University of Malta and/or MCAST Students’ Organisations or registered non-Governmental Voluntary Organisations (against payment of stipend in the case of the latter).  These Organisations have to be registered as per Registration of Work Provision by Employers (MEDE Circular DOPR 86/2016 ). Projects need to be approved by the Students’ Maintenance ​Grants Board.

5. Foreign Students must check with the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) whether they need to apply for a valid permit enabling them to work in Malta before submitting the application.

Students engaged under this scheme are also entitled to the following: (per 80 hours)

Vacation Leave

7 hrs 15 minutes

Bonus and Income Supplement

€ 19.71

Sick Leave

Two and a half days on full pay

Two and a half days on half pay

Remuneration for this work is pegged at an hourly rate of €5.98 in line with scale 16 pay of the Public Service.
Closing date is 31st May 2016 at noon.


For further details kindly contact:

Ms Anna Grech / Ms Antoinette Micallef / Mr Herbert Penza

Tel: 2598 2325 / 2326 / 2319            


Application Link: