The product: In short Trackerbird ( is like Google Analytics for software applications, anonymously tracking installations and runtime intelligence for software apps. We developed a Windows and MacOS SDK which software vendors can integrate with their software application using any of our C++/.NET/Python/Obj-C APIs. This enables the software to collect runtime intelligence which is then uploaded to our cloud servers for processing. Data is processed by our Analytics engine providing real-time interactive reports & visualizations.
Area of Interest: Big Data, Analytics, High-performance computing, Networking, Client-server frameworks
Technologies used: Python for our core engine running on Linux clusters, ASP.NET frontend, MongoDB for bigdata storage, MySQL, REST APIs, .NET, PHP
The Company: 3-year old Maltese Startup, international market, currently tracking 5+ million active users per month, small team
What we are looking for: As we grow we plan to expand our technical team by Q2 2014. This includes 1 Python dev + 1 ASP.NET web dev
(Post A) – Experienced Python developer with fluency in Linux & networking technologies. Ideally has experience in developing client-server frameworks, exposure to MongoDB or other non-relational DBs and technologies used in BigData environments. Basic understanding of high-performance computing including replication, sharding, multi-threading. Knowledge of C/C++ is an asset.
(Post B) – Frontend developer fluent with ASP.NET/JS/JQUERY/CSS. Knowlege of PHP/HTML5 and other web technologies is an asset.
Ideal candidates:
– Fast learner with can do attitude
– Must be open to learning and experimenting with new languages & technologies at own will
– Reliable person with ability to work unsupervised, multiplex between tasks and manage own time, involving tight deadlines.

Full-time/Part-time or freelance contracts considered. Flexible working hours.

So the position could start off part time and then eventually lead to a full time position when the student graduates. We are flexible at the moment and understand a students position that they would have to complete their studies. 
If you have any more questions or if I left anything out please do not hesitate to contact me.