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Trust Stamp (https://truststamp.ai) was started in 2016 by cofounders, Gareth Genner (CEO) and Andrew

Gowasack (President). Gareth and Andrew were quickly joined by Scott Francis (CTO) and Alex Valdes (CFO). Trust

Stamp is a fast-growing international AI company with 69 team members in 9 countries, and offices in the US, UK, Poland, Malta, Philippines and the Hague. Scott and Gareth have now relocated to Malta to create the company’s largest R&D center which already has a team of 26 people ranging from a PhD in Computer Vision and a Medical Doctor, to junior engineers recently graduated from UOM and MCAST.

Trust Stamp is a well-funded “public company” and is expected to list on the Euronext Stock Exchange in December 2020. We believe that you can “make money while doing good” and we also have a Public Benefit Corporation subsidiary, https://aiid.co focused upon humanitarian & development work, most particularly in Africa.

This training program offers a unique opportunity to not only gain sought after skills and qualifications but also to be in the “1st-100” of a dynamic public tech company. 

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity are Powerful Drivers

We are committed to empowering and promoting inclusion, equity and diversity within our team, the industries in which we work, and the communities that we serve. That includes (but is not limited to) race, national origins and citizenship, gender, sexual identity, age, religion, neurodiversity, disabilities, and educational and work experience. There are no “glass-ceilings” at Trust Stamp.

Enrich our team with your unique self!

The most important characteristics that we are looking for are: HIP-FIT

  • Honesty and Ethical Behavior
  • Integrity
  • Positive Outlook
  • Flexibility
  • Intellectual Capacity and Curiosity
  • Team Spirit

The program is located in our Sliema offices (with a possibility of a Gozo cadre) and incorporates structured training and 3rd party certifications. Continuation in the program and an offer of employment are contingent upon progress and commitment at each stage. The core training curriculum used will be from the “Udacity for Enterprise” programs augmented with customized projects. Udacity serves over 100 Global Companies with partners including Google, IBM, Facebook, GE, Amazon, AT&T, BMW, Accenture, Cisco, and Credit Suisse.

Graduates of our program earn world-class credentials that will transfer throughout their career. The selected courses are designed by Sebastian Thrun, Peter Norvig, and Ian Goodfellow – three of the most influential and innovative leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Learning is hands on (project based) using interaction with Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson as well as the company’s own resources. Participants receive detailed and actionable feedback on every project that they submit, from a network of experienced project reviewers.


Prerequisite: Candidates are expected to have a Computer Science background that includes the basics of programming through HTML, CSS, and Python. Candidates without a CS background will be enrolled in preemployment, online programs and their employment offer will be conditional upon completion. Candidates will not be paid while achieving the prerequisites but upon accepting an employment offer and starting work, they will receive a €500 hiring bonus.


Trainees will be reviewed after each stage and continuation will require satisfactory performance and a demonstrated commitment to the program. During training, candidates receive €100 a day training stipend.

One Month Introduction Sprint: Over 150 hours of engagement spread over one month and including: Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Calculus, and Linear Algebra – the foundations for building a neural network. Candidates pursuing a DLT or front-end career path will also undertake courses focused upon their specialty.

Two Month Essentials Sprint: Graduates of “Introduction” will embark upon over 300 hours of engagement over two months, building a portfolio of projects and learning about the company’s systems and security protocols. Candidates will graduate ready to work as an entry-level ML/AI, DLT or Front-End focused developer.

Candidates offered a position well in advance of the start-date can also commence their Udacity programs on a pre-employment basis and the company will both pay for the programs and pay the candidate a €500 hiring bonus for each program completed pre-employment.


Candidates completing Essentials and signing an employment contract will receive:

  • Starting salary of €30,000 (expected to increase substantially with experience)
  • Participation in company stock awards program (stock grants represent a substantial element of the compensation package)
  • Ongoing professional development funding
  • Option for part-time completion of a master’s degree in AI/ML, DLT or a complimentary field ● Consideration for Doctoral program sponsorship


For more information please email:  hiring@truststamp.net