At KPMG Microsoft Business Solutions we currently have 3 vacancies that might be of interest to ICT students. These are Trainee Programmer, Trainee Consultant and Trainee Project Management Officer. Keep in mind that you can also select KPMG Microsoft Business Solutions as your employer as part of the apprenticeship scheme!

These roles are tailor-made for students because:

  1. You select the number of hours and days you can work during a week
  2. You will be exposed to a number of different technologies as you will work with different teams within the company
  3. Your training and learning will be tailored according to the performance goals you set up
  4. Depending on the chosen path you will have a dedicated mentor to guide you through the first experiences

Please find more info and apply for these vacancies by clicking on the links below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch directly with KPMG MBS by contacting

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