The DevOps engineer is responsible for the implementation of processes and tools to enable integration and continuous delivery, maximising the speed and quality of delivery across teams.

This role is responsible for:

  • Automating build, release, deployment and configuration activities.
  • Working closely with software development, QA, and system engineers to understand requirements and prototype, architect, implement, operate and update DevOps solutions accordingly.

This role must be flexible to constant business and technology change, with the ability to interact, engineer and communicate collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders.


Key Accountabilities / Key Activities:

  • Continue to build our portfolio of DevOps processes, practices and tools to empower and support delivery teams in continuous deployment, integration and rapid delivery streams
  • Manage and enhance software configuration, integration and deployment tools
  • Create and implement automation and orchestration tools with infrastructure teams and cloud providers.
  • Ensure availability, scalability, maintainability, monitoring of system for operations
  • Fosters self-service and efficiency wherever possible automating the processes of provisioning and maintaining continuous integration environments, supporting QA activities, security and configuration


Functional & Technical Skills

  • Automated software and infrastructure deployment and configuration management
  • Agile DevOps software development experience
  • Continuous integration and delivery methodology and tools such as GitLab
  • Production-readiness assessment of modules and supporting systems
  • Analytics and data-driven frameworks to monitor and optimise development and operational processes
  • Strong understanding of network protocols and client-server communication
  • Expertise with Linux shell scripting such as bash
  • Good working knowledge of one or more programming languages, preferably JAVA
  • Good working knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL database technologies
  • Good working knowledge of virtualisation and infrastructure technologies such as VMWare, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Good working knowledge of infrastructure automation and configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet


Behaviour and Competencies:

  • Ability to analyse and interpret complex problems or processes, identify and understand requirements and develop solutions
  • Strong planning and prioritisation skills
  • Strong creativity, problems solving skills and ability to apply original thinking to produce new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Strong collaboration skills that enable coordination of activities between technical teams
  • Willingness to track, assess and incorporate practice and technology developments into day-to-day working
  • Ability to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills rapidly


Credentials & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field
  • Two years of DevOps platform administration/management
  • Previous experience in programming and/or system analysis applying agile frameworks
  • Previous experience in designing, developing, testing and deploying DevOps toolchains to support continuous integration and delivery using a variety of technologies
  • Previous experience working in an agile environment with multiple teams
  • Previous software development experience, preferably in JAVA will be considered an asset
  • Experience with different operating systems, especially Linux
  • Experience with virtualisation and orchestration technologies, such as VMWare, Open Stack, Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
  • Experience working in cloud-native environments
  • Experience with a number of database technologies, RDBMS and noSQL
  • Experience in scripting and/or programming languages
  • Experience in building and maintaining workflows on a variety of systems, mainly GitLab CI pipelines

If interested apply here.