VRTRON is game development studio mainly focusing on casual games with ambitions to conquer other markets in the games industry.

If you think you can help us on our quest for greatness send your cv to info@vrtron.com


  1. Collaborate with designers, artists, and fellow programmers to develop and refine a product
  2. Pushing to release a product
  3. Tackle a wide variety of unique challenges that come along with a live product


  1. Have already worked on a game development project (e.g. competition, personal project, or company)
  2. Passion for game development
  3. Fluent in C# & Unity
  4. Able to work in a collaborative team environment
  5. Self-motivation and willingness to wear multiple hats of game development
  6. Able to jump right into someone else's code
  7. Portfolio showing work done with Unity, including any personal projects or released products


  1. Experience with Facebook API
  2. Strong math skills (linear algebra, trigonometry, etc.)
  3. Experience developing on multiple platforms
  4. Computer science, EE, mathematics, physics, or related degree


More information can be obtained from: http://www.vrtron.com/